Summer Statement Earrings



I have always been a lover of jewelry and accessories! And if you saw my closet you honestly would know what I mean by I LOVE my jewelry and accessories. This is not an understatement. 


But I am going to be honest here. I am not a huge fan of the summer time. I feel it is harder to accessorize and layer when you are sweating buckets in this heat and humidity that we get this time of year. But I do love a good statement earring. Earrings I feel are something that you can definitely play up this time of year because you can throw your hair up in a top knot, (if you have long hair) then show off those gorgeous statement earrings while still being able to stay cool (or cool-ish…). 


It is also a great way to punch up an outfit with minimal effort. For example, grab that cute little number you have in your closet. Maybe its a simple little summer dress, a plain Jane romper, or a pair of jean shorts with a white tank and your favourite Pink Polkadot summer vest or kimono. Now grab those statement earrings…. I am sure you have a pair or two you haven’t worn yet, or maybe you just bought a pair this past weekend from me? Don’t have any yet? That’s ok!! I got you covered girl!! Check some out on my website, or visit me at one of the many shows I will be at this year. But moral of the story here is get those statement earrings out and jazz up a simple outfit. You don’t even need to add any other accessories. Those pretty statement earrings will do the trick!


I also firmly believe that statement earrings should be light weight. There is nothing worse (in my opinion) than a heavy statement earring. I find them incredibly uncomfortable, and then I just never wear them. So what’s the point, right?


All of the earrings that I design and make are lightweight and comfortable. Because frankly, I want you to wear them and enjoy them!


Put those earrings on girl and rock them!! And if your feeling extra cute and want to show them off, tag me on Instagram rocking those beauties this summer!! I can’t wait to see those pics!





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