Caring for your jewelry is important so that you can enjoy these beautiful pieces for a long time! Gold plated, gold filled, and stainless steel jewelry are great alternatives to buying real gold pieces. It’s an easy and affordable way to elevate your style without the hefty price tag. 

Jewelry Care for Gold Plated and Gold Filled Jewelry 

💦 Keep away from moisture

😴 Remove when sleeping 

🧴 Allow any perfumes and lotions to dry fully before wearing 

❤️ Remove when active

👛 Store in a sealed bag or box separated from other items.


Fun Fact: Raw brass is designed to patina over time. Patina is perfectly normal, but follow these simple brass jewelry care rules to help give your brass jewelry pieces love!

  1. Keep it dry! Raw brass tarnishes quickly when introduced to water. So while you may always keep your rings on to shower, you'll want to take off any of your jewelry that has brass elements.
  2. What about perfumes, lotions, oils and/or sweat? You'll want to add your necklace as the last step in your getting ready routine, to avoid product grease or buildup.
  3. Not wearing your necklace? Simply store it in a clean and dry place. The pouch that it came in or hanging on a jewelry stand are both great options but sitting on the humid bathroom counter near the sink is not!
  4. Buff and shine up your pieces with a clean microfibre cloth.

I love using raw brass in elements of my necklaces and bracelets because it’s bold, beautiful, and stands the test of time! Instead of “turning” or losing it’s luster, raw brass patinas and develops a new shine as it ages.



As a rule of thumb I like to wash most clothing items in the washing machine in cold water and hang or lay flat to dry. Some pieces will require hand washing, or even dry cleaning (any garment containing wool should be dry cleaned). Refer to individual listings for washing recommendations. 


Pilling is something that commonly happens with most synthetic blends, especially knits. Pilling usually occurs from rubbing, so you will notice this happening on some garments especially in the under arms of the garments and wherever friction on the garment usually happens.  My go to tool is an electric fabric shaver that can quickly remove the pills. You can also try using a fabric conditioner or softener when washing your clothing. 


All jewelry sales are final sale, and no returns are accepted. 

All clothing sales are exchange only within 7 days of purchase. Clothing must be in original condition (unworn, and unwashed), and tags still attached. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.

All special order, preorder, and custom orders are final sale. All sale items/last call/end of season items are final sale.