February 1st, 2021

Hey lovelies!!

So I haven't done many blog posts as you can see and that is honestly really because I have never felt like I was a good writer. (Honest truth!!) But I am just going to write as though I am talking to you in person. No pressure! And I will apologize right off the hop if there are spelling or grammar errors. I am not perfect by any means and that is absolutely ok. 

I have decided that with how incredibly difficult 2020 was I am going to make 2021 a much more amazing year, regardless of world circumstance. I believe that a lot of how we feel starts in our thoughts. So if you change your thoughts (which this can definitely take a lot of practice.....I am still learning) you can change your feelings. So January has now come and gone, and when looking back yesterday at everything I have done in January I am really proud of myself. 

I read two full books (if you know me you know this is not normal), came up with 4 new designs and counting to add to my collections this year, had two successful LIVES (which also used to scare the pants off of me), tried some new recipes (thank you Moxie and Zab), cleaned and organized my studio and my closet, and the list goes on and on. I am proud of this because January is usually a really hard, and not motivational month for me. I feel like I have accomplished so much that I am proud of.

So with a new month starting today I have added a few more things that I am challenging myself to accomplish in the month of February. Full disclosure.... so I can try to stay accountable!

1. I am going to move everyday. So to me this means going for a walk, going on my stationary bike, doing an exercise video, stretching, yoga etc. You name it, I am going to MOVE everyday of this month to create a good, hopefully life long habit. So much of what I do or enjoy is sedentary and I need to find out what I enjoy that is not. 

2. I am going to take two FULL days off a week. So this is probably going to sound a little funny. (Covid and all)  But when you own your own business, this is a lot harder than it sounds. So some days I may not be sewing away, but my brain will NOT shut off at all. I am constantly thinking of ideas of designs, display, packaging, organizing etc. You name it, this brain has a hard time stopping. So that is what I am committing too for February. Again to start a healthy habit. I took a FULL day off last week, and the clarity, as well as motivation that it sparked in me was amazing. So that is what is happening. 

So I am committing to these two things. I don't want to add too much because I have learned that you need to set attainable and realistic goals. It feels good to have this control, in a time when so much is out of our hands.

So I want to leave you with this.... with a new month starting what are you going to do for you? It can be so small and simple, but if it is something you have been thinking about I challenge you to join me in this month of February to do something for YOU!

Stay Safe, Happy, and Healthy!



Photo Credit (at sewing machine): The incredibly talented Michelle from Mee Photography London

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