Pink Polkadot

Dainty - Charm Necklace


I am in love with this dainty and elegant new line of charm necklaces! I have made each and every one unique just like you! There are no two exactly the same. This beauty  features 9 different charms on the brass chain including: polymer clay, raw brass elements, crystals, howlite, moonstone, rose quartz and clear quartz.  It measures 19” inches long approximately with a 3” extender. 



Raw brass is designed to patina over time. Patina is perfectly normal, but follow these simple brass jewelry care rules to help give your brass jewelry pieces love!

  1. Keep it dry! Raw brass tarnishes quickly when introduced to water. So while you may always keep your rings on to shower, you'll want to take off any of your jewelry that has brass elements.
  2. What about perfumes, lotions, oils and/or sweat? You'll want to add your necklace as the last step in your getting ready routine, to avoid product grease or buildup.
  3. Not wearing your necklace? Simply store it in a clean and dry place. The pouch that it came in or hanging on a jewelry stand are both great options but sitting on the humid bathroom counter near the sink is not!

I love using raw brass in elements of my necklaces and bracelets because it’s bold, beautiful, and stands the test of time! Instead of “turning” or losing it’s luster, raw brass patinas and develops a new shine as it ages.

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